Moozlie Highlights Which Years Of Her Life She Recorded Her Verse For Emtee’s Album ‘Logan’

Moozlie Highlights Which Years Of Her Life She Recorded Her Verse For Emtee’s Album ‘Logan’. Since the start of 2021, Moozlie has been up to big things, scoring herself a hosting gig on Nasty C’s Podcast and a collaborative clothing brand opportunity with a local South African brand. She also scored herself a verse on one of the most anticipated albums of 2021.

Emtee recently released his highly anticipated album Logan and fans were loving every bit of it. Moozlie scored herself a feature on the twelfth track of the album Saam Sokol’. A fan took to twitter to show their appreciation for Moozlie’s growth on the track. The fan continued to mention that the two rappers complimented each other on the feature.

Moozlie has grown so much. Her delivery on Saam Sokol is so clean…She and Emtee complimented each other so well on such a high tempo beat. Sublime. #Logan“, the fan wrote.

Moozlie responded to the fan writing that her verse for the song was recorded during the years that people were hating on her the most. She also said that Emtee wanted to work with her regardless of what was going on. She also used the opportunity to compliment Emtee on his vision.

That verse was recorded in the years people were hating on me the hardest. Emtee still wanted to work with me regardless. He’s vision is crazy, can’t believe how well that sh*t is aging” Moozlie wrote.

Moozlie was one of a few artists to be featured on Emtee’s Logan album. Other features on the album included Lolli Native, Flash iKumkani, Gwamba, and J-Smash.

The rapper dropped a clothing collection with local label S God and named it after her single LaLaLa, titlting the collection LaLaLand. The clothing brand includes a range of shorts, t-shirts and bucket hats.

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