Nasty C Explains Why He Won’t Entertain Nota’s Criticism

Nasty C Explains Why He Won’t Entertain Nota’s Criticism. Nasty C has achieved plenty at his young age, from the awards, to over a million YouTube views on his page, to being a multi platinum selling artist the rapper is stopping at nothing to grow himself and be an inspiration to many young upcoming rappers.

He recently hosted entertainment personality Sizwe Dhlomo on the latest episode of his Zulu Man With Some Power podcast to speak about his rise in Hip Hop from a local platform to becoming a global sensation. To close off the podcast, Sizwe asked Nasty how he defines success of an album. He elaborated on the question by asking Nasty if Nota says his music is wack would it matter to him.

Nasty answered that it depends on what he wanted to do with the album. He continued to explain that he knew what he wanted to do with the album, to go global and for people to know what he represents. He said that his album going number one in the world is the first number one he has ever received.

For me it doesn’t even make sense to entertain what Nota has to say, what have you done that outshines my sh*t because you feel like my sh*t is trash. Like what have you done, show me something.” The rapper said.

Sizwe then asked Nasty C why he feels someone needs to outshine him to be able to give him criticism because sometimes the best critics have never even written a book. Nasty explained that in the case of Nota, he thought that he knew what he was trying to do with the album mentioning that Nota thought because the album was called Zulu Man With Some Power he thought it was going to be Zulu through and through.

Nasty closed off by saying, “He’s coming with the know it all, nah you couldn’t do what you thought you were doing with this album. You said you were gonna do this and it’s like but I did and you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Catch the full interview here:

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