Nasty C Reveals The Age He Plans To Retire At

Nasty C Reveals The Age He Plans To Retire At. Award winning rapper Nasty C has built an amazing legacy for himself off of his music career is on a steady rise to the top. He has an amazing team of professionals that help him through every step of the way and continues to raise the bar higher and higher with each of his music releases.

Nasty C Expands Zulu Man With Some Power Brand And Launches Podcast

On the latest episode of his ‘Zulu Man With Some Power’ Podcast, the Eazy rapper hosted television and radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo. The two spoke about Nasty C’s rise in the music industry, his successful album Zulu Man With Some Power and his plans for the future.

Sizwe asked Nasty C how long he is hoping to rap for. Nasty C explained that he doesn’t plan on rapping for long and capped the age at beyond his mid 30s specifically 35. Sizwe then asked what if he is still a hot rapper at that age. “I don’t care, I go out like a legend, you’ll never get to say I fell off” Nasty answered.

He continued to say that if he’s not rapping, he’ll continue writing for other artists. Sizwe that asked the successful rapper what life looks like for him after 35.

I cannot tell you, but I have it figured out already. I’m going to this place that I love, it’s like so left nobody would actually just move there or even retire there or think of retiring there, that’s exactly where I’m gonna retire. I even started looking at like houses there and stuff, just to plan out my life. It’s just gonna be me, my girl, if I have kids at the time, my kids just be out there. Come back every now and then to check my friends, my family.” Nasty said.

Watch the latest episode of the Zulu Man With Some Power Podcast here:

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