Nota Baloyi Explains Where His Relationship With Kwesta Currently Is

Nota Baloyi Explains Where His Relationship With Kwesta Currently Is. Nota Baloyi is widely known for his commentary on the SA Hip Hop industry and his controversial comments about the industry. The music executive was once platinum selling rapper Kwesta’s manager but the two have since parted ways.

Nota Baloyi Explains Where His Relationship With Kwesta Currently Is

Nota recently appeared on the latest episode of ‘The Rea & Blvck Steph Podcast’ with his father to speak about a number of topics including how SA rappers are transitioning into the amapiano genre, as well as what an MC is considered to be in South Africa.

Whilst speaking about other SA rappers, the podcast host asked Nota how his relationship with Kwesta currently is. He mentioned that the two aren’t on speaking terms however, they are good.

You need to understand that in business, when you have a certain partnership and you’ve got a certain relationship it might work for the business period. We had an agreement, we saw out that agreement. That agreement does not behind us to be now family members or friends or anything else.” Nota explained.

He continued to say that them working together was always business and went into how the two of them met and started working together. He explained that they met at a stage where Kwesta’s career wasn’t taking off, and used the opportunity to propel the rapper to new heights.

Nota also said that their separation was not because of his outspoken comments, he only began speaking about his experience at Raplyf after they had parted ways. He specifically remembered the day that the two parted ways as the 17th of March 2021.

Baloyi was an instrumental figure in Kwesta’s rap career and even assisted in designing the DaKar II album cover. He is now thriving as a music executive at Sony.

Watch his interview on Everything SA Music here

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