Ntukza Reveals How Much He Currently Charges For A Show

Ntukza Reveals How Much He Currently Charges For A Show. Ntukza has been active in the music industry for over 10 years, beginning with Teargas and then becoming a solo rapper, and now is a record label owner running his label Afribiz Entertainment. Even though he is making sure his label runs smoothly, he does still gig from time to time.

Ntukza Hints At A Career Change After Years In SA Hip Hop

The Stolen Property collaborator took to twitter to get fans to pick their brains about how much he charges for a show. His tweet wrote, “Can you guess how much I charge for a show..

Ntukza’s fans had a range of answers. One fan guessed 20K with Ntukza shutting down the response. Another fan guessed around 25K for Ntukza’s gig and Ntukza asked why he would go so low.

After engaging with some people’s answers a fan finally asked if 10K was sufficient with Ntukza saying it’s too low. The fan then said he is not entirely sure about the average that artists receive for a gig and then guessed 60K.

The tweet wrote, “Sorry grootman just that I dont know an average rage for an artist, It seems like its alot. So y’all uys can back 60000k+ in a couple of hours?” Ntukza confirmed his answer writing “For me & travel mates, yes 60k would do“.

He also mentioned that 5 years ago, he used to receive 40K for a show but he also said that amounts between 75K and 100K are also accepted for his gigs.

Ntukza has been doing well since the start of 2021 as he continues to push artists from his independent label Afribiz Entertainment. One of his artists Maseven released his single Ebumnyameni under the label and fans are loving it so far. He mentioned that the label is open to artists of all genres with the aim to push them to an International Market.

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