SA Hip Hop Reacts To Uncle Vinny’s Massive Birthday Celebration And Influence On Youth Culture

SA Hip Hop Reacts To Uncle Vinny’s Massive Birthday Celebration And Influence On Youth Culture. Uncle Vinny is the youngest person in the game doing it right now. The young television host is a rather influential person in the SA Hip Hop industry. Some even call him the ‘leader of the new wave’ and proves his influence time and time again.

Uncle Vinny recently celebrated his 19th birthday and to mark the special occasion he threw a big birthday bash at the Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. The line up for the bash included the likes of Costa Titch, Riky Rick, Blxckie, Frank Casino, Major League DJz, DBN Gogo and Mr Jazzi Q.

The Lies collaborator shut down Braamfontein and had thousands of people pack the venue with some stuck outside waiting to get into the celebration. Members of the SA Hip Hop community took to their twitter pages to react to Uncle Vinny’s celebration.

In her tweet, W.A.G rapper Rouge highlighted Vinny’s influence, mentioning that he is the influence. “Uncle Vinny IS INFLUENCE YOH“.

A tweep asked their twitter followers if someone can explain what Uncle Vinny actually does. Reason took it upon himself to respond writing that Vinny is the face of the youth culture. He continued to say that Vinny isn’t a professional anything but he is a walking mood and his influence is how he makes people want to feel.

Let me try. Uncle Vinny is the face of the youth culture. kids who just went through a pandemic & wanna release their emotions and ideas creatively (like his dance). He’s not a professional anything. But He’s a walking mood. His influence is how he makes people WANT to feel.” He wrote.

Nota Baloyi mentioned what he loves most about Uncle Vinny is that he isn’t an American wannabe. “What I love about Uncle Vinny is that he’s not an American wannabe!“.

Cassper named Uncle Vinny a legend. A critic challenge Cassper’s opinion mentioning that he isn’t a legend and because legends have massive catalogues and make history. Cassper responded writing that Vinny isn’t a musician so he wouldn’t have a catalogue but he has managed to shake the tables.

He isn’t a musician, how would he have a catalog. He managed to shake the culture. I met Vinny when he was 13. He was doing interviews backstage. To see today is just beautiful. Definitely a legend!!!“.

pH Raw X tweeted, “THE NEW WAVE IS GONNA TAKE SA HIP HOP ALL THE WAY!!!! Seeing all the performance clips from vinnys bday, we really have nothing to worry about! THE GAME IS REALLY GOOD HANDS“.

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