Sjava Shares The Explanation He Got From A Record Label About Why He Couldn’t Be Signed In 2015

Sjava Shares The Explanation He Got From A Record Label About Why He Couldn’t Be Signed In 2015. Multi award winning artist Sjava has grown to become one of South Africa’s and most valued musicians. The Kwa-Zulu Natal native has made a mark for himself in the industry and has even been recognized internationally.

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In a Twitter Q&A, The Umcebo hitmaker was asked a wide range of questions relating to his music and his career but one that particularly stood out was when he was asked if he could change one thing about the industry what would it be. He highlighted that he wants to change the fact that producers don’t earn a performance fee for the track the artist is performing.

He wrote, “If a producer produces a song he must earn a a percentage On the performance fee from the artist because they made the song together“.

He was also asked if he would be open to working with an upcoming artist on a song. Sjava mentioned that he has always done that and that he doesn’t care how famous she is. He also explained what he was told by a big record label in 2015 after he sent them his music. He was told that he can’t be signed because he doesn’t have a social media following.

His tweet read, “I always do I have always done that I don’t care how famous you are aslong as you talented we rock I once sent my music to one of the big labels in South Africa in 2015 and they told me I am good but they can’t sign me because I am not on social media I DON’T HAVE FOLLOWERS“.

Sjava is currently an independent artist and is winning at the music game! He dropped an EP titled Umsebenzi that was loved by fans.

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