Big Zulu Has A Question For People Who Drink Lean

Big Zulu Has A Question For People Who Drink Lean. Multi Platinum selling rapper Big Zulu is a rapper like no other in the SA Hip Hop industry. Big Zulu is constantly changing the narrative of SA Hip Hop and tells heartfelt stories flawlessly through his music and visuals.

It has always been a part of Hip Hop culture to dress a certain way and engage in certain activities. From international to local hip hop stars everyone has their own thing. Whilst laying back and hanging out with some local South African rappers, Imali Eningi smash hit maker got into the topic of lean which is Sprite mixed with cough syup.

The rapper questioned why there are people who drink lean and posed the question of what should be bought for flu symptoms if the person in question is already drinking the medication regularly.

In the video he says, “You drink this medication which is what? Benylin or Bronchette then when you get flu, what do you drink? What are you gonna drink? What are we gonna buy for you cause you drink this medicine everyday whether you’re sick or not you drink it.

Big Zulu started 2021 off on a bang with the release of his first single of the year Inhlupheko featuring Mduduzi. The rapper is changing the lives of everyday South Africans by assisting them with their everyday needs. He has released two episodes of his YouTube series Inhlupheko Singayinqoba that show the lives of two families who cannot afford their basic needs. Big Zulu also assists in erecting a house for one of the families.

The multi platinum selling rapper has promised that he will drop an album in 2021 and has been working on the album since the start of the year. He last dropped an album in 2019 when he dropped his Gold selling album Ungqongqoshe Wongqongqoshe.

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