Blxckie On Which Rappers Supported Him When He First Arrived In Joburg

Blxckie On Which Rappers Supported Him When He First Arrived In Joburg. Durban rapper Blxckie has had a momentous rise in the SA Hip Hop industry that has got fans and fellow rappers of the industry talking. The young rapper recently released his debut album B4Now and stunned fans with the quality of the music.

Blxckie Reacts To Having The 4th Biggest Song In Africa

Just before his album dropped, Blxckie joined MacG for an interview about his rise in SA Hip Hop, his upcoming collaborations and how he felt when he first arrived in Joburg. The Ye x4 rapper mentioned to MacG that when he arrived in Joburg he was staying with producer 808 Sallie and fellow rapper Shouldbeyuang and they were the first two people he met when he got to the big city. He also mentioned that at a point he stayed with Big Time Sh’lappa collaborator LucasRaps.

He was then asked if any of the OG rappers showed him love and he answered no. MacG asked if not even Riky Rick showed him love and Blxckie answered, “The Riky Rick thing is like now“.

The two laughed off MacG’s comment where accuses Riky Rick of being all over Blxckie to which Blxckie responded, “But isn’t everyone? I think everyone is. It’s like the come up stage, it’s like that stage where everyone wants a piece. There’s a lot of feature requests from a lot of people right now. It is what it is, it’s just a stage.

Blxckie mentioned that he had to sift through over 400 songs to get to only 12 tracks on the album. He mentioned that he got Nasty C on the album because he wanted the song to be lyrically crazy and expressed that he didn’t have to pay for the verse it just came organically. The music video for the track is still set to drop.

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