Blxckie Reveals Whether He Had To Pay For Nasty C’s Feature On ‘Ye x4’

Blxckie Reveals Whether He Had To Pay For Nasty C’s Feature On ‘Ye x4’. New wave rapper Blxckie has taken the SA Hip Hop community by storm with the release of his debut album B4NOW. The rapper from Durban first shook the tables with his single Big Time Sh’lappa featuring LucasRaps and is now showing the world that he deserves his spot at the top.

The young rapper recently featured as MacG’s latest guest on his Podcast And Chill series. The two spoke about Blxckie’s rise in SA Hip Hop, leaving Durban to come to Johannesburg and also gave MacG’s fans an exclusive first listen of his album B4NOW.

The two spoke about Blxckie’s latest single Ye x4 and how the track came about. He explained that he wanted to make a national anthem and something that everyone will know so he made sure to make the hook quite simple and made the beat good too. He then explained the process of how he got Nasty C on the single.

The reason I sent it to Nasty was like even though I want the song to be mine and like when people associate the Ye Ye Ye it must be me, but I wanted the song to like also like be lyrically crazy. Cause the verses are crazy it’s just the hook that’s like very repetitive and whatever but I wanted the verses to be like real rap music and stuff like that.

So I was like I gotta send this to this nigga and yeah I was excited to know that he was down with it, you know what I’m saying. We did the verse, like the video also.” He explained.

Sol Phenduka then asked Blxckie if Nasty C charged him for the feature. Blxckie responded, “Yeah it’s organic, it’s organic.” The podcast hosts laughed his response off saying that he’s lying.

MacG then played the single and the two rocked out to it.

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