Cassper’s Strikes Another Hit In Continued Amapiano Success!

Cassper’s Strikes Another Hit In Continued Amapiano Success! Cassper’s first entry into Amapiano genre was earlier this year when he released a song with other African hitmakers, Burna Boy and Wizkid which was an instant hit and he’s keeping them coming.

Cassper‘s latest offering with Amapiano singer Lady Du called Angisho Guys released end of April 2021 has become one of his instant hits. “Angisho Guys” was the most played song in the country this past weekend according to the rapper who took to twitter to brag about his hitmaking skills. “#AngishoGuys is the No 1 most played song inda country!!!! And all Cossa .@Ladydu10 !!! Thank you,” Cassper tweeted adding, “I make hits, thats what I do!!! Consistently!!! #AngishoGuys

Whilst Cassper had the support of his fans and the likes of Scoop applauding him for merging Amapiano sound with Hip Hop, critics also came out hard to which he responded multiple times saying, “Nobody is ever gonna make me turn my back against mapiano!!!! This shit slaps hard!!!! It makes me and my people happy!!!! Leave us!!!!”

Cassper has always been confident that he would have success with Amapiano as he has had with Hip Hop. Back in February he jokingly explained how hard it is to make a bad amapiano song saying one would have to really suck to not make an Amapiano hit. “Random thought. Do you know how hard it is to make a bad Mapiano song? Eveyrthing sounds good so like you really really need to suck at it. Haha , am I lying?,” he tweeted.

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