GBV Organizations Call For Radio Stations And Music Streaming Services To Mute AKA’s Music

GBV Organizations Call For Radio Stations And Music Streaming Services To Mute AKA’s Music. After the passing of his fiancée Anele “Nellie” Tembe, a news report was published revealing the nature of AKA’s relationship with her. Tembe passed away on the 11th of April 2021 in Cape Town there has been speculation on social media about what lead to her death.

Women For Change South Africa is a movement that stands up for Gender Based Violence in the country. The organization recently took to their Instagram page to call for South African radio stations and streaming services to mute AKA’s music. This is after photos and videos leaked of Nellie and AKA‘s whirlwind of a relationship where Nellie was crying out from being physically abused by the rapper. In one of the leaked images, she is holding an ice pack to her face.

Women For Change SA took to their Instagram page writing, “We are demanding all Radio Stations, TV stations, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and Cruz Vodka to #MUTEAKA with immediate effect! Mute AKA music on your #Spotify #AppleMusic #YoutubeMusic Account or other streaming platforms. It is overdue to show South Africa for once and for all that women matter! We want justice for Nellie! #womenforchange #southafrica #justicefornellie #metoo #EnoughisEnough #sayhername“.

GBV Activist and Artist Ntsiki Mazwai also called for AKA’s music to be muted on all radio stations. Her tweet read, “I think all radio stations need to mute AKA music till further notice“.

Women For Change SA also received two DMs from women who wanted to remain anonymous. In the first DM received by the organization, a woman shares that she saw the rapper abuse his girlfriend toward the end of December in 2010 at a party in Camps Bay, Cape Town.

The second DM speaks about the rapper’s relationship with drugs. The DM mentions that one of his music video shoots had to be delayed because of his drug addiction. The message also says that the rapper’s nose kept bleeding forcing the shoot to be delayed by a day.

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