IFani: “I’m So Glad I’m Not A Celebrity Anymore”

IFani: “I’m So Glad I’m Not A Celebrity Anymore”. Rapper iFani has been on the low since his departure from SA Hip Hop. He achieved a lot whilst in the game including his album I Believes In Me 2nd Quadrant achieving Gold Status on the day of it’s release. His fans still keep up with the rapper on his social media pages.

Amongst the drama lately between Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali on social media and the revelations made about AKA , the Shake smash hit maker took to twitter to mention that he feels grateful that he’s not a celebrity anymore. In the tweet he mentions that he feels sorry for Black Coffee and even refers to him by his real name Nkosinathi and uses AKA’s real name too then says he actually only feels for Black Coffee.

His tweet wrote, “I’m so glad I’m not a celebrity anymore I feel for Nkosinathi I feel for Kiernan No, wait, sungxama… I feel for Nkosinathi qha.”.

iFani and AKA have challenged each other on social media before. The two were at each other’s necks before when they accused each other of faking their record sales. In 2020 He tweeted, “Let me go tell AKA I’m back from the DEAD“. When a tweep asked AKA if he had seen iFani’s tweet he responded saying, “No I did not. Send my regards to him. Ewe.

In September 2020 as well, iFani debuted a new television show where he set out to explore China and also looked at how the culture of Asian people in the country. The show was on SABC 3. After being quiet in music for a while, the rapper performed a new song on Expresso in 2020 titled Ni Hao Piano Liang. Since then no one has heard anything from him.

It doesn’t seem like he plans to make a return to the industry but if and when he does, it will be interesting to see what he comes up with.

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