K.O Speaks On How Jay Z Influenced His Latest Single ‘K:HOVA’

K.O Speaks On How Jay Z Influenced His Latest Single ‘K:HOVA’. Many SA Hip Hop artists look up to international rappers. They seek inspiration from them for their sound, confidence and their business savvy minds. Having been in the industry for over 15 years and counting, K.O keeps his influences in his back pocket.

The Supa Dupa hitmaker was Kgomotso Meso’s latest guest on her Elite Nites show on Kaya FM. Kgomosto spoke to K.O about the Skhanda World label, how he balances being a designer for the clothing brand and rapper as well as his first single of 2021 K:HOVA.

K.O mentioned that if there was a Mount Rushmore of Hip Hop in South Africa, the single would secure his spot on it. He continues to mention that over the years people have compartmentalized his success because the only know certain songs from his career and he wants people to look at everything his done and be stunned at it.

The rapper also mentioned that he looks up to rapper and businessman Jay-Z and says he was an inspiration in why he named his single K:HOVA. He said that even though people say Hip Hop is a young people sport, Jay-Z is still doing big things.

You have guys like Jay-Z who are still kicking ass at the highest level you know so I look up to people like that and one of the reasons why I called the song K:HOVA by the way is because it’s also inspired by.. I mean Jay-Z also calls himself J HOVA you know what I mean. So to me, someone who is my mentor whether he knows it or doesn’t I don’t care. I watch him closely, the things that he’s done within the music space and also outside.”

You know, I have aspirations for me to do other things outside of the music business also build myself as a mogul not only locally but you know on the continent as well. So that’s basically me just saying I’m throwing my hat in the ring, watch what I do.” He explained.

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