K.O Speaks On The Important Role That Ma-E Plays In Skhanda World

K.O Speaks On The Important Role That Ma-E Plays In Skhanda World. K.O and Ma-E have been in the music industry for around 15 years together and continue to prove that it doesn’t matter how long you are in the industry but what quality your music is at. The two began at Teargas together and are still pushing things forward as solo artists.

SAMA award winning K.O was Kgomotso Meso’s latest guest on her Kaya FM show Elite Nites. The two spoke about K.O’s new single release K:HOVA, where he got the inspiration to refer to himself as K:HOVA and how things are going at record label Skhanda World.

Kgomotso asked K.O how the DJ Mr X’s single Asambe came about with all the different collaborations. The Supa Dupa rapper began speaking about why Ma-E is still apart of what is happening at Skhanda World.

The reason why Ma-E is also still apart of what we’re doing now and he’s always been involved in everything that I do since day one is because um, for some reason whether he’s aware of it or not he ends up being our scout of some sort you know, and he just brings people to the circle and once they’re around us we realize oh shucks this guy he’s actually cool.

That’s how we came across Mr X, that’s also how we bumped into Just Bheki who’s the vocalist, the first vocalist on the label as well. So Ma-E is pretty much the catalyst in some of these things and we’re grateful for him.” K.O explained.

After single releases from both DJ Mr X and K.O, the next artist from the label scheduled to drop is Loki who will drop on the 14th of May 2021. After him are Just Bheki, Roiii and the release for Ma-E’s single is yet to be announced.

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