Moses Tembe Responds To Claims About How Much AKA Paid For Lobola

Moses Tembe Responds To Claims About How Much AKA Paid For Lobola. The Tembe Family has been in the spotlight since the passing of their daughter Anele Tembe. AKA has also been in the spotlight with questions surrounding Anele’s death. There have been countless news reports about the matter and Moses Tembe has taken the time to respond to some of the news reports.

AKA Pulls Out Of One Of His First Gigs Since His Tragedy

On the latest episode of MacG’s ‘Podcast And Chill’ the team unpacked the AKA Tell All Interview and even brought a Body Language Analyst to use her expertise on what she found interesting during the interview. The team also spoke about the alleged amount that AKA had paid to the Tembe family for Anele’s Lobola.

According to Sol Phenduka, it was reported that the rapper had paid R300K but he allegedly paid a significantly lower amount to the family. Sol also paraphrased Moses Tembe’s official response.

“It’s in the papers that it was R300 and apparently that’s a lie. They said we’re a family that is very secretive, would never even talk about Lobola and even go to the extent of lying about it we find that… I’m paraphrasing we find that disgusting or whatever. I heard R65/R64k.” Sol said.

At the end of AKA‘s tell all interview with Thembekile Mrototo, Moses Tembe was given the opportunity to respond to some things that AKA had said in the interview. On the part of Lobola, Tembe mentions that his family is very private and none of his family members would dare speak about the amount paid for Lobola and that the amount wasn’t even discussed with Anele.

His response read:

We are a very private family and it has been like that for decades. We view such relationships as very private and treat as such. For example, none of our family members would have dared speak about the amount paid for Lobola – it is a cultural taboo and never discussed even with Anele, let alone lying about the figure paid – it is an affront!

We would like to be given space to grieve. We’ve lost our daughter and are hurting badly.

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