Nasty C On Why He Kept His Relationship With His Girlfriend A Secret

Nasty C On Why He Kept His Relationship With His Girlfriend A Secret. Nasty C rose quickly to the top and became one of South Africa’s most prominent rappers. The award winning rapper has had to make some tough decisions when it comes to his fame and also make decisions for the people around him.

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Whilst in America, the successful rapper recently sat down with The Morning Hustle host Headkrack to speak about where his career began, the sights he has been seeing in the country as well as how he felt being in studio with Grammy award winning producer Zaytoven.

Headkrack mentioned that in the industry a lot of the times people will hide the fact that they are in relationships because they don’t want to alienate their potential fans. He asked Nasty C if he had to think hard about that in terms of his relationship with his girlfriend.

Nasty answered that at first he kept his relationship a secret and expanded on the reasons why he decided to do that.

I always just kept it a secret, not really because of how the fans would take it like it was a little bit because of that but mostly because of what would happen to my girl like once they found it. Like I knew once they found out who my girlfriend is… Because I was in Johannesburg and she was still in Durban and she still had to go to school. She still had to be taking public transport to school, be with a bunch of strangers, hundreds and thousands of strangers without me being there to protect her.

At least where I was, I was already kinda blowing up and stuff so I had my whole gang with me like everybody with me so it wasn’t like no issues ducking trouble. So when the find out who she was now everyone is just approaching her anyhow and all these bunch of strangers taking pictures of her while she’s not even watching, unaware you know just taking snaps and talking sh*t about her behind her back.

Nasty C says when the news that they were dating eventually came out he moved her to Johannesburg so they could live together.

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