Nota Lists The People He Demands Kwesta To Apologize To

Nota Lists The People He Demands Kwesta To Apologize To. Nota Baloyi has been making headlines and trending lists on social media because of his involvement in Rap Lyf Records. The music executive played a hand in the success of Rap Lyf Records which Kwesta was signed under but it seems as though there’s more to the story than what meets the eye.

"Just Be Honest" Nota On Why Kwesta Can't Access His YouTube Channel

Kwesta recently spoke out about what happened at Rap Lyf Records through his eyes. He explained that he was in charge of making music, and was never involved in taking anyone’s money. He shared a number of tweets and says that he never thought he would be here. He mentioned that he usually stays out of social media ‘back and forths’ but says that people are easily misquoted. Makwa has also spoken out on his Instagram Live and on The Sobering Podcat.

Nota also took to twitter to say that he feels Makwa needs therapy and guidance. He demands that Makwa show documentation to prove that his money has been stolen. Nota continues to say that he demands an apology from Kwesta.

Makwa needs therapy and guidance. He won’t get it from me. He must show documentation proving his money has been stolen… Kwesta has admitted that Urbantainment paid him his royalties and that he wasn’t blocked for using the official artist page on YouTube. I demand an apology!” He writes.

Nota continues to say that Kwesta also owes apologies to Kid X, Makwa and TLT for in his own words, ‘leaving them for dead’. Nota also says Kwesta should apologize to his wife, mother and Leroy too.

Not just to me but he must apologise to Kid X for sabotaging him. He must apologise to TLT for leaving them for dead. He must apologise to Makwa for lying to him. He must apologise to Leroy for throwing him under the bus and he must apologise to my mother and my wife as well…“.

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