Stogie T Explains How Him And Blaklez Got Off On The Wrong Foot

Stogie T Explains How Him And Blaklez Got Off On The Wrong Foot. Award winning heavyweight rapper Stogie T is a rapper that holds very strong opinions around the talents in SA Hip Hop. He has even created platforms where rappers can gain bigger audiences for their music.

The By Any Means rapper recently dropped the very first episode of his podcast Triple Distilled Podcast with Massiv Metro’s Pristine Queen, and American YouTuber SteveBussaGS. The three expressed how excited they were to have finally started dropping the first episode of the podcast from Stogie T’s independent project Culture Capital Network.

They got into album reviews and began reviewing Blaklez’ album but before that Stogie T took to opportunity to explain why him and Blaklez got off on the wrong foot. After Pristine Queen asked what happened, Stogie explained that they had a difference in opinion about how good of a rapper Blaklez was which led him to not being the kindest towards him.

We had a difference of opinion about how good he was and I was disrespectful, I really was. I was belligerent in the way that I expressed mine and you know I definitely do regret it because it was just some corny d*ck sh*t you know what I mean.” I still keep to that opinion, but I was wrong in the way I expressed it.

Then, and I’m talking about then. It was at ProKid’s funeral man when I just looked at this dude and I was like bro… this is corny, this is corny bro… If I die, If I die tomorrow, you’re gonna come to my funeral. If you die, I’m gonna come to your funeral, cut it out. So I was like you know what, mxm squash it. And then because of that energy which was so long, little things can set it off where we just like Ey Stog! Come on Stog I thought we good.” He explained.

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