A-Reece Unpacks Sampling And The Meanings Behind His Album ‘Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory: The Mixtape’

A-Reece Unpacks Sampling And The Meanings Behind His Album ‘Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory: The Mixtape’. A-Reece‘s album Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory: The Mixtape debuted at number one on the Apple Music charts on the day of it’s release. The rapper’s loyal fan base stood up to appreciate the album.

A-Reece Speaks On The Process Behind Creating 'HIBACHI' Off His Latest Mixtape

The 5 Year Plan rapper recently joined Tracklib for an interview about how sampling has played a role in the creation of his music and where his relationship with it began. A-Reece also dove into the meanings behind his new album.

He explained that his relationship with sampling began a few years ago and it will continue to play a role in the making of music for years to come.

“Just recently 2017, 2018 my relationship with sampling kind of started because I had made beats before but I stopped. I got back into it and basically got introduced to sampling. I feel like at a point in the future, kids are gonna be sampling us. Sampling what we do right now.

I feel like it’s giving the youth some knowledge on the old music because they get to appreciate the creation of it all, they get to look back and go okay this song came out in the 70s and its still being used in a Hip Hop beat and that’s longevity. So I guess it kinda sheds a little light on how dope the music back then was and how long it’s life span is.

A-Reece also spoke about what the album means for him and what it’s about. He explained that it’s quite personal to him and what he went through in the past year.

The new album is all about self-introspection. The new album is based on A-Reece, the naked truth about what I went through this year in 2020. The name of the album is Today’s Tragedy: Tomorrow’s Memory, that’s how I feel 2020 is. It’s a tragedy for me because so many things happened in my life that I even wanna forget at this point but I know when I look back at it in a couple of years, it’s just gonna be another memory. That’s how I feel“.

The sound on my new album is dark, eerie, cynical, that’s where it is but with a little touch of hope.” He explained.

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