Big Zulu Reacts To The Celebrity Fans Suggest He Takes On In A Boxing Match

Big Zulu Reacts To The Celebrity Fans Suggest He Takes On In A Boxing Match. There has been plenty of conversation around celebrity boxing matches and which celeb would be fit enough to take on the other. Being a fan of the sport, Cassper sparked the conversation leaving it up to tweeps to decide which celebrities should battle it out in the ring.

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When the topic was trending on Twitter, King Monada actually challenged Big Zulu to a boxing match first saying he’s just waiting for the rapper to accept his challenge. Big Zulu accepted King Monada’s challenge saying the two should settle on a date that would work best for the both of them.

A tweep compared the Mali Eningi smash hitmaker Big Zulu with Limpopo singer songwriter King Monada. The tweep put photos of the two superstars next to each other and asked tweeps to weigh in on where their money is. Big Zulu reacted to the tweet saying the match won’t even last a minute. With just one hand, the match would be other instantly.

He wrote, “Ngeke iphele 1 minutes one hand Done“.

In anticipation of the boxing match, Big Zulu posted a photo of himself in training in the boxing ring and followed it up with an entire video of him showing off his skills.

Fans weighed in on what the pros and cons of the match up would be, one explaining that King Monada is fast and Big Zulu is slow so fans should choose wisely. Big Zulu responded to the tweet confirming the truth in his statement but then continued to say that it would be over with just a punch.

Another tweep weighed in saying that Big Zulu will get tired quicker because of his weight. Again, Big Zulu confirmed the tweet but reiterated that the match wouldn’t last more than a minute.

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