Blxckie On Why He Hesitates To Rap In Zulu

Blxckie On Why He Hesitates To Rap In Zulu. Blxckie is originally from Durban and is a Zulu speaking person. Although he might not always rap in his mother tongue, he does have a few tracks that resonate with Zulu speaking people and he does rap in Zulu here and there.

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The Big Time Sh’lappa hitmaker recently appeared on Zkhiphani for an interview about his inspirations, his music and why he decided to name himself Blxckie Somnyama. He was asked in the interview how important language is to him as a rapper.

He mentioned that he always wanted to people to know he was Zulu but he actually didn’t want to include it in his music and explained why that is.

I just wanted people to know kuthi ndim Zulu. Like I’d put it in the captions, use it as like the second name you know Somnyama stuff like that. I didn’t really wanna put it in the music, mostly because I didn’t know how to. I wasn’t going to… I didn’t have much knowledge on how to do stuff like that but I used to listen to guys that use to do it like the best. Aux Cable, Duncan, uZakwe, Zulu Boy.

I used to listen to them, but I used to like… I wouldn’t even try, like y’all have that. I don’t even wanna embarrass myself but recently when I started being comfortable with like everything that’s going up. With the way I’m moving, you know being free with the people, I was like let me just give them something that they really want and also it has to sound cool to me too. So I didn’t wanna like go deep and have bars in Zulu but yeah. It’s a little bit of a new direction but that’s the way. That’s what people wanna hear.”

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