Cassper Goes On A Rant As New COVID-19 Regulations Force Him To Postpone The Launch Of His First R100 Million Deal Product

Cassper Goes On A Rant As New COVID-19 Regulations Force Him To Postpone The Launch Of His First R100 Million Deal Product. Cassper announced his R100 Million deal with Drip Footwear recently, and had mentioned that their first product would be ready to be launched soon. Fans were waiting on the edge of their seats, waiting to find out what the product would be and Cassper mentioned in a tweet what they should look out for.

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He previously mentioned that his joint effort with Lekau Sehoana, Root Of Fame would come together to release SA Hip Hop’s first original sneaker. The Angisho Guys rapper took to Twitter to expressed his disappointment in that the launch will possibly be postponed should South Africa head into a harder lockdown. He eventually confirmed the postponement of the launch due to new COVID-19 regulations.

The successful rapper hoped that the country would be given a two week warning, seeing as a large amount of money was spent on the launch.

Tomorrow was supposed to be the launch of my new sneaker #RootOfFame. The company spent so much money & time planning tomorrow. If Gauteng gets locked down tonight I would not be okay. Ya noh, its very hard to progress in these times. How about a warning 2 weeks before or sumn?

He further expressed frustration about the lockdown, mentioning that many South Africans cannot afford another lockdown. “Nobody can afford another lock down. Well, nobody but those who stole the money that was supposed to help aid the nation.“.

We are doomed!!! Finished!!! Done!!! Yall stay safe out there. Hope we make it out alive atleast cause our livelihoods are officially gone. Re mo masepeng!!!

Cassper is set to release an album on the 30th of June 2021. The album is titled Sweet & Short 2.0 and three singles from the upcoming project have already been released. He recently released the music video for Siyathandana featuring Boohle and Abidoza.

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