Cassper Lends A Helping Hand To Woman In Dire Need Of A Lung Transplant

Cassper Lends A Helping Hand To Woman In Dire Need Of A Lung Transplant. Family Tree CEO, Cassper has financially assisted people on social media who have previously expressed that they are in need of basic needs, he is now turning his attention to a woman who has trended because she requires funds for a lung transplant.

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Recently, a woman by the name of Nompilo Dlamini has made Twitter’s trending list as she attempts to raise funds for a lung transplant as her lungs are giving in. The 26-year-old woman from Swaziland has suffered from Cystic Fibrosis and she is currently at the end stage of the condition.

On her GoFundMe page it mentions that Nompilo’s lungs can intake only 9% of Oxygen and her only hope is to have a lung transplant in India as South African medical professionals have told her that they are unable to assist her because she is not a South African citizen. She requires a total of R2 Million for the procedure.

She recently posted a screenshot of a DM she received from Award Winning rapper Cassper, who wants to assist her in helping to raise the R2 Million. He mentions that he is trying to get more information about her condition and asks how he can help.

Hi Nkhosi. Your strength is encouraging. I am trying to get more info about how we can help with your current condition. I see there is a go fund me to raise R 2 M rand. Is that a medical bill or a guarantee of a new set of lungs? We wanna help you raise awareness and raise the funds as well. How can we help exactly“. Cassper’s DM read.

Nompilo captioned the screenshot, “He didn’t sleep he was just there thinking of helping me, dear God you are awesome, guys I’m crying the whole day today because I’ll be in India soon Cassper Nyovest thank you“.

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