Cassper Reminisces On ‘Baby Girl’ Never Charting On SA Radio Stations

Cassper Reminisces On ‘Baby Girl’ Never Charting On SA Radio Stations. Over the years, Cassper has had some of the biggest songs in South Africa taking over the number one spots on a number of streaming platforms but the rapper recently mentioned that he has never achieved a number one on a South African radio station in his career.

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After a tweep expressed his concern over Cassper currently having the biggest song in the country but not number one in sight on any local radio stations, Cassper mentioned that nonetheless he knows that he is supported and thanked all the radio stations for giving the song airplay when they can.

Another tweep wrote that they couldn’t believe that none of Cassper‘s songs had ever charted on local radio stations including one of his biggest hits Baby Girl from his Thuto album. Cassper responded, agreeing with the tweep saying that the song still bangs in the club today.

Nope. Song still bangs inda club today.” He wrote.

Cassper’s Siyathandana featuring Boohle and Abidoza achieved number one on both Apple Music and Spotify. The track is third single released from Cassper’s upcoming album Sweeet & Short 2.0 that is due to be released on the 30th of July 2021. The album have a total of 10 songs and will feature the likes of Lady Du, DJ Sumbody, Kammu Dee,and Samthing Soweto who he said was his favourite vocalist.

As he also looks after his music releases, Cassper is also securing the bag and making big moves. He recently signed a legacy deal with Drip Footwear’s CEO Lekau Sehoana worth R100 Million. Although social media questioned the value of the deal, both Cassper and Lekau confirmed it at the official announcements and on different platforms. He was congratulated by his fellow industry peers for the move.

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