Costa Titch: “If Hip Hop Was A Dining Room Table, Blxckie’s The Only One Sitting Down Chowing”

Costa Titch: “If Hip Hop Was A Dining Room Table, Blxckie’s The Only One Sitting Down Chowing”. Blxckie’s growth in SA Hip Hop has been amazing to watch and he has ben commended by a few of his industry peers for his rise. Blxckie quickly became one of the most featured artists in the country and is still making a big name for himself.

On the recent episode of Riky Rick’s Lab Live, he hosted Costa Titch where along with Zeus Omega and Kai spoke about Costa’s rise in SA Hip Hip and drifted to many other topics. The conversation also turned to Blxckie’s rise to SA Hip Hop which Costa spoke quite passionately about.

This is the way I say it. If Hip Hop was like a dining room table right now, Blxckie’s the only broer sitting down chowing the food. And he’s not saying this is only for me, he’s waiting for other people to come sit next to him and start eating with him. No one else in Hip Hop is competing. Nasty’s overseas guys. He’s there, he’s busy doing what he’s doing he’s not even dropping.

All the big players like, when you mention all the big players guys aren’t demanding that attention. Especially on the guys on the come up, there’s not really that energy of like Yo, I’m here and I’m here to take everybody’s spot. You know that kind of energy.”

Scoop Makhathini shared the same sentiments on the POPcast mentioning that Blxckie is an artist who didn’t need a co-sign also saying that Blxckie waited to speak about his relationship with Nasty C. He also praised Blxckie’s rise in SA Hip Hop.

Blxckie’s debut album B4Now debuted at number one on the Apple Music charts and includes his hits, Big Time Sh’lappa featuring LucasRaps, and Ye x4 featuring Nasty C.

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