George Avakian Details Meeting Beyoncé And Jay-Z And What Lead To Him Holding Jay-Z’s Phone!

George Avakian Details Meeting Beyoncé And Jay-Z And What Lead To Him Holding Jay-Z’s Phone! George Avakian came onto the scene when he entered SA’s Got Talent. Since then he has made an incredible name for himself as a rapper, and as the man in charge of one of the country’s most prominent music festivals Rocking The Daises. George has even rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in the world.

George Avakian was MacG’s latest guest on Podcast And Chill and they dove into conversation about what George Avakian does amongst other things. MacG asked George Avakian how the experience of meeting Beyonce and Jay-Z while there were in South Africa for Global Citizen.

He explained that he had mutual friends with the two Grammy award winning artists and was told that they were to join them at the restaurant they were at in Maboneng in Johannesburg. He mentioned that he knew it was a bad idea for Beyoncé and Jay-Z to come to the restaurant because of how patrons reacted to JR walking in.

We tell no one, we don’t tell the staff we don’t tell anyone. Jigga sticks out his head. Yoh! When I saw the staff’s faces I was like this is gonna be trouble. As we walk into the restaurant… Guys when I say it erupted. Everybody, no matter who you were. Even the band stopped.”

Everybody leaves the food, everything just goes crazy and like myself and the manager lock eyes and we’re both on the same page. Let’s get them into the private space immediately cause that’s what we wanted to do initially. We’re like go to the private space, they’re like no, we wanna be in the main club with everybody.

He continued explaining how he had to calm the entire restaurant down and after that he had to change the music to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s taste. As he attempts to change the music in a rush, Jay-Z approaches him to ask “are you winning?“. He mentioned how he had to organize an iPhone adapter for the music and began playing music from Jay-Z’s phone.

He detailed how Jay-Z kept standing up to change the song from time to time and he offered to take the pressure of him and change the music. Jay-Z said to him, “You only get one chance“.

Hold the phone I pick a song, cause I can hear what he’s playing. So I hit an Earth, Wind & Fire. Something that fits the vibe of what they were playing. I played the track and he looks over and he just nods.

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