George Avakian On Which SA Rapper’s Manager He Rates The Most

George Avakian On Which SA Rapper’s Manager He Rates The Most. George Avakian is a well known name in the entertainment industry. Being the man previously in charge for the Rocking The Daises concert, he has worked with plenty of local talents and a few international names. George has been a firm force in the growth of events in South Africa.

Goerge recently joined MacG and Sol Phenduka on Podcast And Chill for an interview on a number of topics including meeting Beyoncé and Jay-Z during their performance at Global Citizen and also spoke about his experience attending the Roc Nation brunch after being invited by Jay-Z.

He explained that American celebrities are no smarter and no better than ordinary people, comparing them to MacG, Sol and himself. He also went into conversation about Cassper Nyovest‘s manager an explained why he rates T Lee more than other artist managers in South Africa.

Yoh, I rate T Lee as a manager, probably better than some of the best A-list managers. Like in terms of how smart he is. How he runs his business and what he’s capable of doing. You just realize they’re in a different distribution aspect. Like there is no difference bro, these are just normal human beings who are just as… In fact I think we’re better. I think we run things better, we’re just not in that distribution hub that the States or Europe maybe has.

Cassper and T Lee have been a tight force, working together since Cassper’s first album Tsholofelo. The two are still working together and continue to break boundaries in the industry.

George Avakian also raved about meeting Beyoncé and Jay-Z and how his first interaction with Jay-Z was authentic. George also mentioned that at a point he got to hold Jay-Z’s phone playing music off of it while at a restaurant in Maboneng.

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