Kwesta Details Why He Worked With Makwa On His New Album

Kwesta Details Why He Worked With Makwa On His New Album. Multi award winning rapper Kwesta recently delivered his new album g.o.d Guluva that had a stellar list of features. In the past he has worked with Makwa as a producer who has produced some of Kwesta’s biggest hits, one of them being Spirit featuring American rapper Wale. Makwa has played a big role in Kwesta’s success and continues to be apart of that success.

Kwesta Details Why He Worked With Makwa On His New Album

The Fire in the Ghetto rapper recently joined OkayAfrica for an interview about his new album. He spoke about everything from the album title, to the album cover designed by Nelson Makomo and more. Kwesta also spoke about why it was important for him to work with award winning producer Makwa on g.o.d Guluva.

He explained that he couldn’t picture not working with Makwa on the album. “There’s a sound that he came with that was just a natural fit for me. It felt and still feels very natural. And you always want to work with people whose energies create the sort of vibe where you don’t have to try too hard to like anything they’ve done. The beats just speak to me immediately.” Kwesta added.

Makwa produced Kubo and Hamba from the album and is featured on the 5th track Nthabiseng. Besides also producing Spirit, Makwa was also involved in the production for Kwesta’s Ngud‘.

Kwesta worked with a few of South Africa’s top artists for the album. His album includes features from Yanga Chief, K.O, Focalistic, Reason, Kid X, and songstress Thabsie. He has already dropped the music video for his leading single Fire in the Ghetto featuring Troublle and dropped the second single Who I Am which was one of the album’s more emotional and introspective tracks.

Read Kwesta’s full interview with OkayAfrica here: Interview: Kwesta and The ‘Ghost of DaKAR’ – OkayAfrica

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