Major League DJz On How Their Relationship With Da L.E.S Started And How They Got Into Hip-Hop

Major League DJz On How Their Relationship With Da L.E.S Started And How They Got Into Hip-Hop. Major League DJz have grown to become the biggest DJ duo on the continent. Having been in the industry for over 6 years and rubbing shoulders with some of SA’s biggest talents they have certainly made their mark, but where did it all begin?

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Major League DJz and Uncle Vinny recently joined DJs Banques and Venom on their new Podcast on YFM. The four got into Uncle Vinny’s life in Hillbrow, how he supports his family and also unpacked a bit about where Major League began in the industry.

Banele revealed that they were born in America, moved to South Africa when they were only 5 years old and started attending boarding school in Johannesburg. He then shared that Da L.ES used to fetch them from school while he was a part of Hip Hop group Jozi. He shared a story of what happened when Da L.E.S fetched them once.

Got to the reception, said yo. I’m looking for the twins. It’s already packed behind him. We’re like Yo L.E.S, where you at? He’s like I’m here. I come down, I’m like we have to drive down to fetch our stuff at the dormitory. He’s like nah, let me walk. The next Monday, the game was changed.” Banele explained.

They continued to explain how they got into music.

We were in events, we did a lot of after parties. That’s where T-bo Touch knows us from, from the Metro FM days. We used to do the after parties for 50 Cent and all these people.”

We did a 50 Cent after party at Black Orchard. We told L.E.S on stage, after you perform you’ll tell them where the after party is. We couldn’t even get into our own party.

They mentioned that after throwing their own parties they wanted to start playing at their own parties and so they became Hip Hop DJs. They went on to play at Da L.E.S debut album launch.

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