Nasty C Shuts Down Fake Flyer That Says He’s Set To Perform With Snoop Dogg

Nasty C Shuts Down Fake Flyer That Says He’s Set To Perform With Snoop Dogg. Nasty C is one of the biggest artists in South Africa so it is not surprising that his name would be used to promote fake events or even be used to scam people. The Black & White rapper does not take it lightly when his name is used without his permission and is quick to shut down any rumours flying around.

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A flyer recently surfaced announcing Nasty C as a headliner next to Drop It Like It’s Hot hit maker Snoop Dogg. The flyer says the event was set to take place on the 31st of July at the Under The Moon Exclusive Lounge in Durban. UMG Live African Talent Agency quickly posted the flyer on their Instagram page with ‘Fake’ written across it.

They mentioned that as Nasty C’s official booking agents, the announcement is completely false and confirmed that the multi award winning rapper has not been booked for the event. Nasty C also reposted their post on his Instagram for a wider reach.

As Nasty C’s official live booking agents, please be advised that this a false announcement of Nasty C’s participation at this event and we can confirm that Nasty C has not been booked for a performance at said event on the 31st of July 2021.”

Earlier in 2021 Nasty C laughed off being impersonated. The impersonator sent a DM to a fan of Nasty C’s claiming to be Nasty’s private account asking the fan for R3000 because he had reached his bank limit. The person behind the account also sent a photo of Nasty trying to prove that it was in fact him. Nasty said that if any of his friends ever fell for something like that he would simply just laugh at them.

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