Nota On Cassper’s R100M Deal With Drip: “We Can’t Even Tell You What The Name Of The Product Is”

Nota On Cassper’s R100M Deal With Drip: “We Can’t Even Tell You What The Name Of The Product Is”. Cassper’s R100M deal with local sneaker brand Footwear has been celebrated by his industry peers and fans of SA Hip Hop but some have been left with a long list of questions about what exactly the deal entails.

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Former music executive at The Orchard, Nota Baloyi also had some questions about Cassper’s R100M deal announced earlier on the 8th of June 2020. Not much detail was given about the deal at the announcement at The Leonardo Hotel in Johannesburg which raised a few eyebrows.

Shortly after the deal was announced, Nota shared his opinions about the deal, noting that there has not been a product introduced through the deal and even used Apple founder Steve Jobs as a prime example.

We can’t even tell you what the name of the product is. We can’t even show you a sample of a product, we can’t even show you a prototype. Steve Jobs didn’t walk onto the stage and tell people, Yo Apple needs to be worth two trillion dollars. He came out and said this is the iPod. He came out and said this is the iPhone. This is how it’s going to change your life, this is how it’s gonna revolutionize things, and then the product sold, and now the company is worth two trillion. The most valuable company in the world.

Nota shared that he feels Drip Footwear and notable sneaker brand Bathu won’t make it to three years. He feels that the two companies won’t make it far because they spend the money they’re making to transport their celebrity brand ambassadors around the country.

Cassper announced the deal surrounded by his close friends and family sitting alongside Drip Footwear’s founder and CEO Lekau Sehoana.

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