Nota To Slikour: “You’re A F*cking C*nt”

Nota to Slikour: “You’re A F*cking C*nt”. Nota Baloyi has been instrumental in shaping the SA Hip Hop industry in various ways and continues to play a role in the advancement of artists today. The former music executive and entertainment commentator has made a few enemies because of his energetic opinions on social media but it still won’t stop him from speaking his mind.

Nota Has Some Notes For Slikour About His Interview With Nasty C

Amongst some of the celebrities Nota has taken swipes at in the past is Slikour and Nota went at him again. Nota recently went on a rant on his Instagram live, claiming that Slikour takes credit for the work he has done. Nota continued to say that Slikour pays for his children’s school fees with sweat that he has worked hard from and mentioned that he has spoken to Slikour before about the matter. He specifically made mention of Slikour’s platform Slikour On Life.

I’ve spoken to him about this, and I told him go f*ck yourself . The last text message I sent to Slikour was saying go f*ck yourself. I told him this over the phone, I said you’re a f*cking c*nt and I’ll say it anywhere and everywhere and there’s nothing Slikour can f*cking do about that. He’s a f*cking c*nt! And I will say that, and he’ll have to come and call me and beg for mercy and apologize and correct himself but I’ll call him about for being c*nt, cause he’s a c*nt“.

You can’t build Slikour On Life and that business taking credit for other people’s work. You’re a f*cking c*nt for doing that! You’re feeding your kids without giving me my due credit, why are you doing that?

Nota continued to reiterate that he has no respect for Slikour and that he has never given Nota credit through each opportunity he has had.

Some of his last words were, “Instead you’re going to kiss everybody’s ass. You’re going to suck Nasty’s d*ck, You’re going to kiss Cassper’s ass. All that type of sh*t dawg“.

Full video here:

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