Ntsiki Mazwai Weighs In On Which SA Rapper She Feels Has The Wackest Flow

Ntsiki Mazwai Weighs In On Which SA Rapper She Feels Has The Wackest Flow. Ntsiki Mazwai is certainly one of Mzansi’s most outspoken characters. She shares her opinions quite unapologetically on social media and doesn’t hold back on them.

After previously sharing which rappers she feels are in her top three, she mentioned that one rapper who didn’t make the cut was Nasty C. She explained that she found Nasty C mediocre and is now sharing which SA rapper she feels as the wackest flow.

She named SAMA award winning rapper K.O as the rapper with the wackest flow and said it is okay for ladies to rate him as a hot guy.

Ladies it’s ok to rate KO as a hot guy….but as a rapper he is one of the wackiest flows in the game. Sorry.

Ntsiki’s twitter followers had mixed reactions to her opinion, one tweep saying that they disagree with her opinion and others agreeing with her. One fan explained that they agree because some of his newer songs aren’t as good as what he was dropping in 2014, however they rate him as one of the greatest rappers in the country.

I would have to disagree with u on this one.KO is one of the best rappers in SA

Another tweep explained in detail why they think he’s done a great job in SA Hip Hop so far also mentioning that they feel he was the Beyoncé of Teargas.

I think he did a great job for SA hiphop; more specifically when he fussed it with kwaito that era yakhe was the peak of SA hiphop eg. Caracara and that entire album nje. But also I think he was the Beyonce of la group yakhe. I am not a hiphop fan but well I had to add my 2cents“.

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