Pic! Nasty C Shows Off Brand New Neck Tattoo

Pic! Nasty C Shows Off Brand New Neck Tattoo. Nasty C is one rapper who is influential not only through his music but also through his look and clothing. The rapper is always looking clean with a minimalistic look most of the time with some jewelry.

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The Black and White rapper has always been a fan of tattoos and has a number of them on his arms and hands with his most recent tattoo being a Zulu Man With Some Power tattoo that celebrated his last album release. He is now adding to his big collection of body ink.

Nasty C recently got himself himself a brand new tattoo on his neck and showed it off on his Instagram. He did not explain the deeper meaning behind the tattoo but it is an open book on a set of angel wings with three stars around the image. The tattoo was done by Black and White tattoos in Johannesburg.

Nasty recently released his first solo single of 2021 Best I Ever Had. The visuals for the single gave an overview of his trip to the US and also included a scene of him getting vaccinated. He is set to release a follow up mixtape to Zulu with DJ WhooKid who he was also in studio with while in the US. He was also locked in studio with Grammy Award winning producer Zaytoven and heavyweight rapper Jeezy. No release dates have been announced for Nasty C’s new music yet.

The rapper previously hinted that he has more ways to build his empire and hinted at launching a clothing line. In the interview he revealed that he had already been showcasing some of his pieces on the low and when people ask him who he’s wearing he brushes it off saying he’s wearing something exclusive.

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