See The Photo That Has Black Twitter Calling Scoop The ‘Kasi Kanye West’

See The Photo That Has Black Twitter Calling Scoop The ‘Kasi Kanye West’. Scoop Makhathini has always been a colourful character, expressing himself through his clothing. Scoop is surely one of the best dressed people in entertainment and always delivers no matter the occasion.

Scoop On The Rap Lyf Drama: "I Think For A Long Time We've Just Always Blamed The Stronger And More Financially Viable Parties"

Recently a photo of Scoop has been making the rounds on Black Twitter where he was called “Kanye West wase kasi” posing similarly to the Grammy Award winning rapper. Funny enough, Scoop is actually wearing a pair of Yeezys in the image.

The image of Scoop went viral and Tweeps have been laughing out loud at the photo adding their opinions of Scoop’s drip.

One tweep got creative and flipped Kanye’s album names to make them a bit more South African. “The Technicon Dropout Log Drums and Broken Hearts My big big big Fantasy Watch the Parliamentary Seat Yeses The Life of Paballo Jesu ke Morena“.

Another tweep mentioned that they had heard Scoop being called drip king but mentioned that he had never seen him in an outfit he thought was to his taste. “I have heard people calling Scoop a drip king but I’ve never seen him dressed up nicely not even on a single occasion” he wrote.

A fan of Scoop’s praised his drip saying that tweeps will never understand his dress sense because he is always ahead of the times. “Y’all will never understand Scoop’s drip He used to wear like most of you in 2008. You will understand his current style in 2035. He will be in 2050 by then … it’s all about being fashion-conscious.

Here is how other tweeps reacted to Scoop’s drip.

Even though he isn’t a rapper, Scoop is one of the most influential voices in SA Hip Hop. He currently co-hosts The POPcast with Ms Cosmo, dropping weekly episodes where they converse about what’s been happening in SA Hip Hop.

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