Sjava Weighs In On Which SA Rapper Is More Lyrical Than YoungstaCPT And A-Reece

Sjava Weighs In On Which SA Rapper Is More Lyrical Than YoungstaCPT And A-Reece. SAMA nominated Sjava always stands up for his industry peers and compliments them whenever he feels necessary. As much he is a entertainer himself, he is also a fan of the industry and consumes SA Hip Hop like any other fan of the genre.

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Fans of SA Hip Hop on Twitter took on Sjava after he named who he feels his more lyrical than SAHHA winning YoungstaCPT and A-Reece. After Sjava named Saudi as that rapper a fan challenged his opinion saying that Saudi is a trapper and not necessarily a rapper.

Sjava responded writing that there is no one lyrically better than Saudi on the continent. “There is no Rapper in Africa who is more lyrical than Saudi and the only way to prove it is to screengrab the lyrics“.

Another fan also challenged Sjava saying that it might be the most irrational thing Sjava has ever tweeted passionately writing that there is no way Saudi could be lyrically better than Youngsta and A-Reece. When Sjava asked the fan to explain why he said that, he explained that during the MTV cypher they took part in while apart of Ambitiouz Entertainment, A-Reece shone brighter than the other artists.

Remember the MTV base cypher Ambitiouz made yall do ? apart from you, A-Reece took the trophy if we’re talking lyricisms, delivery, flow and cadence. And there’s nothing else you can use to verify your statement because they had the same beat and everyone knows who killed it.

Sjava gave the fan some inside information on the cypher mentioning that Saudi was the only artist on the cypher who spat a freestyle while all the other artists did written verses. The cypher in question featured A-Reece, B3nchMarQ, Sjava and Saudi.

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