Sol Phenduka On Focalistic: “That Motherf*cker Ditched Us”

Sol Phenduka On Focalistic: “That Motherf*cker Ditched Us”. Sol Phenduka and MacG have hosted some of South Africa’s biggest stars on their Podcast And Chill platform. Whether they are musicians, actors or just celebrities they always bring the best out of their guests. In response to a question about Focalistic, Sol had quite a story to share about the Ke Star hitmaker.

On the most recent episode of Podcast And Chill, MacG and Sol had a live taping of the show at Something Sosha in Sohanguve, Pretoria. They hosted comedian Mashabela and the three of them had a ball. They also invited a few of their chillers to stand a chance to win some of the hampers they were giving away.

In the Q&A part of the podcast, one of their fans asked MacG how the podcast was doing financially. He also made a point to Sol to leave Focalistic alone to which Sol responded saying that Focalistic started, and went into detail about how the two got off on the wrong foot.

Sol said, “Focalistic started! No! Focalistic started! That motherf*cker ditched us when we were in sh*t. We took our time, effort. All these guys we went to his house, we interviewed him and then don’t play the interview. He started bro!

MacG then asked the fan if Focalistic was originally from Sosahanguve then said no he is from Garankuwa which isn’t far from Soshanguve. Sol then asked the fan, “And you understand his lyrics?” He then said it’s just banter and it’s nothing personal towards him.

There has been speculation about who Focalistic was talking about when he went on Instagram live to speak about South African podcasters. On the live he said, “If you have a podcast you better come in correct … I’m coming for every podcast right now. You guys make artists doubt themselves; you guys make us commit suicide and go through depression“.

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