Sol Phenduka On Who He Feels Would Win Between Big Zulu And Siv Ngesi In A Boxing Match

Sol Phenduka On Who He Feels Would Win Between Big Zulu And Siv Ngesi In A Boxing Match. The topic of celebrity boxing matches has been a hot topic lately and everyone has been weighing in on which celebrity can take the other. With a number of matches to look forward too, everyone is placing their bets!

One boxing match that has been on everyone’s minds is that between Big Zulu and Siv Ngesi. Siv told Big Zulu on Twitter that he could probably knock the rapper out.

On the latest episode of Podcast And Chill, MacG and Sol Phenduka spoke a bit about the upcoming boxing matches, specifically that of Big Zulu and Siv Ngesi. Sol mentioned that he has his money on Siv Ngesi and explained why he thinks, he’d probably win over Big Zulu.

Siv! My money is on Siv! Funny enough! Big Zulu is bigger, but Siv gyms! He’s a gym guy, Big Zulu’s naturally big so I think technique and everything… Siv! Siv dawg! I think Siv would do it.”

Another celebrity that has shown interest in taking on Big Zulu in a boxing match is King Monada. The No Ties collaborator trending after a video of him storming into Big Zulu’s boxing gym went viral. Tweeps could not get enough of the video. King Monada attempts to land a punch on Big Zulu but fails. At the end of the video, King Monada mentioned that a date is still to come confirming their match up.

They’ve both said they can knock each other out with simply a punch in the first round. Fans are certainly patiently awaiting the match. Other boxing matches that are still to come are Prince Kaybee versus Cassper Nyovest, Cassper verses Big Xhosa, Cassper versus Priddy Ugly. Cassper mentioned that big money could be made through celebrity boxing matches.

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