Twitter Erupts After iFani Names Himself The Best Musically In The Industry

Twitter Erupts After iFani Names Himself The Best Musically In The Industry. iFani had a notable entrance into the SA Hip Hop industry. He is one Xhosa rapper who has gotten people talking and often trends for his opinions on various issues be it about the industry or socially.

IFani: "I'm So Glad I'm Not A Celebrity Anymore"

iFani has been out of the game for some time now, but he recently worked with Big Xhosa on his track iKuku Endala that received mixed reviews from SA Hip Hop. iFani has never been one to take people’s opinions of his music to heart. The SAMA award winning rapper took to Twitter to share that he feels he is the best musically in the industry. “Musically, I’m the BEST.” He wrote.

Tweeps could not contain their laughter after iFani’s tweet, questioning why he would tweet that and others asking themselves why he would tweet that.

A few tweeps noticed that iFani’s tweet was categorised by Twitter as a “Funny Tweet” and asked themselves why his tweet would appear in the category.

One tweep wrote that iFani might mean that he is musically the best in Gqebhera and not South Africa in it’s entirety.

One Tweep wrote that they feel iFani is below mediocre and that the peak of his career is now over. “Where? And when? You are below mediocre! With all due respect. Focus on Your accolades bro. We forgot about you, your career was at a peak eons ago, and it dropped faster than bad stocks!“.

Another tweep asked themselves were AKA is when he is needed.

Here’s how other Tweeps reacted:

DJ Zan D revealed on the POPcast that iFani will make a return to music through assisting the younger generation of rappers. He has already begun with Big Xhosa and his fans are curious to see what’s up next for him.

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