Yanga Chief Hints At Following Kabelo Mabalane’s Foot Steps In Sobriety

Yanga Chief Hints At Following Kabelo Mabalane’s Foot Steps In Sobriety. Multi award winning rapper Yanga Chief broke out into the industry first as a songwriter and then began working on his own music, and has rubbed shoulders with some of the industry’s biggest names. The uTatakho rapper takes a moment to speak about what he wants for himself and those he surrounds himself with in the industry.

Yanga recently took to Twitter to hint at stepping into sobriety just like Kabelo Mabalane did many years ago. The rapper mentions that the music industry is the devils playground but he wants that for himself and those he truly cares about.

I don’t know what switch flipped in Kabelo Mabalane’s head but I want the same for me and those I care for. The music industry is the devils playground. But we contiue to push for light. With God we can.” He wrote.

A fan of the SAMA award winning rapper asked him if he is trying to communicate that he has a problem, to which Yanga Chief responded, “I’m in a good space. But the game, not so much.

Star producer pH Raw X responded to Yanga saying that he knows exactly how the rapper feels and he wants the same. “I totally get you and want the same. I think its allowing life to teach you lessons & not ignoring the signs around you…which leads to wisdom!!!

In 2019 Kabelo Mabalane celebrated 17 years sobriety. The Kwaito star and fitness guru had been clean from alcohol and drugs. In 2016 he launched an initiative to fight against drugs and alcohol abuse amongst the youth.

Yanga Chief has had an incredible so far, receiving a SAMA nomination for his album PopStar. This is second Best Hip Hop Album nomination in a row and he could be the first rapper to win the award back to back.

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