Yanga Chief Explains What Fans Can Expect From His Next Album ‘Pop Star 2’

Yanga Chief Explains What Fans Can Expect From His Next Album ‘Pop Star 2’. SAMA Award winning rapper Yanga Chief has collaborated with some of Hip Hop’s biggest names and continues to prove that he is one rapper who’s rap game is hot. The rapper is also up for a SAMA for his album Pop Star and is slowly gearing up to release his next project.

Could Yanga Chief Be The First Rapper To Win The SAMA For Best Hip Hop Album To Years In A Row?

The uTatakho rapper recently joined Brett Berish, CEO of Belaire and other luxury alcohol brands for an interview he named “Self Made”. The two discussed Yanga’s rise in SA Hip Hop as someone who came to Joburg at a young age to pursue music. They also got into conversation about his SAMA nominated album Pop Star and what fans can expect from Pop Star 2.

Brett asked Yanga if he is already thinking about the next story he’s going to tell through music which lead to Yanga explaining that Pop Star and Pop Star 2 were initially meant to be one project and explained what the listener is supposed to get from each project.

The first part is like getting to know me for who I really am and then the second part of the project is just like the other side of me, the fun side, the party for no reason side, the staying up all night side, living life and being about it bout it. I think it’s gonna be the most fun album and maybe even more successful than the others but I’ve always wanted to have Pop Star be there so that when all of that pops off with Pop Star 2, you have somewhere to go back to and actually still get to know me better or remember who I actually am.” Yanga explained.

He has not let slip of any release dates or any features that fans can look forward too.

Check out Yanga’s interview with Brett Berish here:

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