Cassper Announces New TV Show In The Works

Cassper Announces New TV Show In The Works! Cassper announces he’s working on a new TV Show that will be airing in a few week’s time.

Rappers like everyone else in the showbiz industry have been crying about the damage the lockdown has done to their pockets. But for Cassper who had expressed how n one in his industry would survive another lockdown, it’s business as usual making sure he maintains other streams of income whilst touring is on hold. Just yesterday, Cassper announced that he’d be launching his new sneaker under Root Of Fame Tomorrow at 18:00.on Thursday the 8th of July and now he has now announced that he has a new show in the works.

Cassper did not share much details on what his show is about or the channel it will air on but considering how well his nemesis AKA’s ‘The Braai Show’ did on SABC 1, we might have another hit SA Hip Hop show again on our hands if the fans rally behind it. His protege, Nadia Nakai has had success as well with a TV show that aired on Channel O.

What is more interesting are the producers that Cassper will be working with on this show. The rapper is known to have significant connections in the business industry and can possibly have producers who have worked on popular projects before. This sounds like a big deal given that the producers have donated large amounts to save Nompilo. Cassper tweeted the statement of the producers who decided to help contribute 100K to save the life of the young girl, Nompilo who Cass has been trying to get her 2 Million in order to get a surgery.

“Boom! More Good news!!! I’m working on a new TV Show that’ll be airing in a few weeks and the producers of the show hit me up last night saying they want to donate 100K #SaveNompile. They just sent me proof of payment. This is truly God working. 2M Here we come!. @NkosiLa,” Cassper tweeted.

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