Cassper Finally Responds To Prince Kaybee’s R2,5 Million Demand For Their Boxing Match

Cassper Finally Responds To Prince Kaybee’s R2,5 Million Demand For Their Boxing Match. Rapper Cassper Nyovest and DJ, Prince Kaybee were expected to hash out their issues in a boxing ring, however, after Prince Kaybee shared what he wants for him to sign, the future of the match became uncertain. However, Cassper’s latest tweet is responding to all the burning questions fans have.

Prince Kaybee was told by Cassper on Twitter to sign the contract after he tweeted a shady tweet directed at the rapper. The DJ then shared exactly what was holding him up when it came to signing the contract, which was the amount of money he would be getting. “But Shotpan you offered a 350k contract, o buwas masepa, I make that anyway in a dry month. So if its for free lets meet NOW where you are but if you going to make profit out of it I want 2.5Million, I’m not scared of your fake wealth papa, put your money where your mouth is,” tweeted Prince Kaybee.

The award-winning rapper seems to have thought well and hard about Prince Kaybee’s demands. Cassper has taken to the Twitter streets and shared exactly what he thinks of the R2.5 million demand and gave an update about the future of the boxing match. Cassper tweeted that the “Kaybee thing is dead” indicating that the match will no longer be going forward. The rapper then explained that all people want is clout from tweeting or are trying to finesse money to fall on incase they lose.

“The Kaybee thing is dead. I have realized that niggas wanna get clout from tweeting or they tryna finesse money to fall on incase they lose. I was looking forward 2 getting in the ring with dude but he is delusional with his demands. Who else yall think would make a good fight?,” tweeted the rapper.

Now that the Prince Kaybee thing is dead, Cassper has asked his fans and followers who do they think would make a good fight, showing that he is not yet about to give up on the idea of a celebrity boxing match.

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