Cassper’s 8 Months Old Son, Khotso Makes SA Music History

Cassper’s 8 Months Old Son, Khotso Makes SA Music History! Cassper Nyovest, South African Rapper, songwriter and record producer announces that he’s son Khotso is the youngest South African Artist Of All Time, given that he’s only 8 months old and he has made an appearance on Cassper’s new album Sweet And Short 2.0 on the song Khotso.

SA Hip-hop artists such as AKA are known to feature their own kids on their albums , his daughter Kairo appeared on Daddy Issues, Priddy Ugly has had his daughter featured on Lucky’s Interlude off his E.G.Y.P.T Deluxe Album. And now Cassper comes on the list of South African Artists working with their “mini selves.”

The album itself features a lot of talented artists in the country and Cassper has made his collaborative work from production to the vocals. This also means Khotso is the youngest artist to be in the same project that features the greatest artists on the continent which is something to talk about. This is history on its own.

Taking to social media, Cass’ couldn’t help but gush over his son Khotso’s latest achievement in music. The song Cassper featured his son Khotso on has made it to No. 4 on iTunes charts in just a week since its release. “Khotso is the youngest charting South African artist of all time. At 8 months my son made it to No 4 on ITunes with his feature on Khotso, which is a song dedicated to him,” Cassper tweeted.

“Di Cheese boy di phela monate,” Cassper added highlighting the fact that Khotso has had the luxury to make his first song only at 8 months. The rapper seem excited to see his legacy move on to the next generation.

Since his son’s birth, Cassper has been a dotting dad often gushing over him on social media and his platforms are beginning to fill up with dad content. This is not the first time Khotso has been linked to the rapper’s work. He has also featured Khotso’s scan as the artwork of his A.M.N Album back in 2020.

The release of Sweet And Short 2.0 has been the most talked about album recently and despite the heat its getting from Twitter fingers, it continues to have a successful run on the charts. Cass has been at his peak after jumping on amapiano projects, we are sure to see more from the rapper and the Tsipibians are going to love the rollouts we are getting back to back.

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