Emtee Reacts To Critics Saying Nasty C Makes Better Hooks

Emtee Reacts To Critics Saying Nasty C Makes Better Hooks. When it comes to his place in the hip hop game, Emtee is sure of it, he knows exactly where he stands in the history books. Despite what critics might say about the rapper, he himself knows his worth and needs no validation. Over the year’s, during his career, Emtee has had people speak on him being replaced in the hip hop industry and he remains unfazed.

Emtee has become known for using his 140 characters on Twitter, to speak his mind and that’s exactly what he recently did. “Dem boys you said you was gon’ replace me with ain’t makin no noise tho,” tweeted the rapper. His bold statement, of course, got tweeps talking as they tried to understand, where Emtee was coming from. One tweep decided to let the rapper know exactly who he thinks is better than Emtee when it comes to hooks.

A tweep shared on Twitter that when it comes to hooks Nasty C is better than Emtee. “Nasty C is better than u wen it comes to hooks.” The award-winning artist is not a person who does not respond when he is being challenged on the timeline and this tweep received a hot response. “This tweet looks like it came from a looter who got away.”

Being compared to Nasty C is nothing new for Emtee, the two came up in the game together, their careers blew up around the same time. The two rappers can be described as being one of Mzansi’s biggest rappers, they have two different rap styles but the two have developed a good working relationship and have even collaborated on bangers such as Winning.

Nasty C and Emtee are constantly showing each other love on the timeline. In the past, Emtee once thanked Nasty C for always showing him love. This came after Nasty C gave Emtee props for their collaboration Winning at the Russian Bear Be Us concert with Gunna. The Zulu Man With Some Power responded to Emtee’s tweet and said “always & forever my bro”, showing that behind closed doors, the two are civil and there is no drama.

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