Flvme’s Ex Girlfriend Accuses Him Of Being A Woman Beater

Flvme’s Ex Girlfriend Accuses Him Of Being A Woman Beater! It looks like there won’t be reconciliation of any kind between Flvme and his ex girlfriend Ashleigh who keep throwing jabs at each other on social media. Whilst Flvme keeps everyone guessing with his shade, his ex takes them personally and attacks back directly.

Flvme’s ex has now accused him of being a women beater on twitter threatening to “end” the rapper and fight him back. he This comes after Flvme tweeted that he won’t be making music about the last b*tch he f*cked with because she lied and tried to publicly embarrass him. “The last b*tch I f*cked with lied and tried to publicly embarrass me…. so this album will not be about her this time,” Flvme tweeted.

Lesego Kyle Mynandu DONT START! I will end you. I know too much and you’ve done too much! LEAVE ME ALONE little boy that beats women… This time I will fight you back! I warned you to stay away, the lawyers warned you but you keep trying! LEAVE ME ALONE BEFORE I REACT! @FlvmeSA,” Flvme’s ex responded to his tweet. Although the two do not follow each other, Flvme responded to Ashleigh’s tweeting saying, “why she think I’m talking bout her.”

This is not the first nasty exchange between the former couple. Back in May they were in another awkward exchange on twitter that left their followers confused when Ashleigh accused Flvme of liking her photos early in the morning despite having a girlfriend. It looks like Flvme i not tking the abuse acusations seriously as he laughed them off.

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