Jub Jub Reveals The Cause Behind His Drastic Weight Loss!

Jub Jub Reveals The Cause Behind His Drastic Weight Loss! Jub Jub is the latest rapper to take to social media to share that he fought COVID-19 back in 2020 explaining that it was the cause of his unwanted weight loss. Jub Jub shared his experience with the virus in an attempt to warn his million followers to take it seriously “COVID ain’t a JOKE pls take care of yourself,” Jub Jub captioned the emotional video.

So in 2020, in November I was in P.E, I was shooting “You Promised To Marry Me”. I had the most devastating experience of my life, I never thought I would go through that. So in 2020 I got f*cked up by Covid-19. And you guys saw me and after that started wondering ukuthi why have I lost so much weight,” Jub Jub revealed.

The Ndikhokhele hit maker revealed that he never thought he would get COVID-19. “When I got it, I had to be shut down for a good two weeks and I was going through hell. It wasn’t the best of times at all. For me there was no coming out of it, I know I had said my prayers and I never questioned God. If it was my time to go, take me and at the same time teach the world about COVID-19. The world is suffering,” Jub Jub said.

The rapper shared how it affected everyone who was close to him at the time and how he got the energy to keep working. “For everyone to see me in that condition is not good. Everybody who was close to me at that time was very devastated. I tried to keep it away from everybody because I knew that was really going to mess up the country…to find out. I still had it in me to say, ‘okay, I’m not going to shoot today, let me just go to my room…,” he added.

Watch the full video here:

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