Nasty C Bags Another Cool Gig Representing The Entire Continent

Nasty C Bags Another Cool Gig Representing The Entire Continent! It seems that every other week, Nasty C is hitting a new achievement as he continues to reign supreme in the rap game. The 24-year-old rapper is currently on a roll, and it seems nothing can slow him down, infact one could argue and say that he is the hardest working rapper in the game.

Just a few weeks ago, Nasty C was celebrating his latest single ‘Jack’ video hitting a million views on YouTube in just seven days and now he has another reason to celebrate. The single ‘Jack’ produced by Flvme debuted internationally on DefJam and iHeart Radio’s podcast ‘Here Comes the Break’. Nasty C made sure his fans did not have to wait long as a week later he dropped the visuals, which are now on 1.8 million views on YouTube.

Nasty C is not only collecting views, but he is also bagging international collaborations, the Durban native has landed a feature on a new track for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics titled ‘Colorful’ by Team Coca Cola. The rapper casually shared on Twitter that he is participating in Team Coca Cola’s official song ‘Colorful’, which debuted on Monday, 19 June.

Nasty C is no stranger to the Japanese market, last year he visited Japan. His journey in Japan was documented in a Netflix documentary ‘Zulu Man In Japan’, making him the perfect choice for the collaboration.

‘Colorful’ explores the “theme of diversity to realize global collaboration regardless of race, nationality, gender, age and career,” shared Universal Music Japan on YouTube. The single is a collaborative effort by Coca-Cola and has 14 artists from around the world. Nasty C is the only one from Africa and the only rapper on the song. The 13 other participants are AI, Motohiro Hata, Little Glee Monster, Daichi Miura, Perfume, Taemin (SHINee), MIYAVI, Sabrina Carpenter, Ayumu Imazu, Blue Vintage, Mizki, Sanari, Chikuzen Sato (Sing Like Talking).

This is not the first time Nasty C has worked with Coke Cola, in 2017 the rapper appeared on Coke Studio Africa with Nigerian artiste Runtown. The two artists created a track called ‘Said’ on the show, the video currently has 19 million views on YouTube. One thing for sure, when it comes to video views, Nasty C sure knows how to rack up those millions.

Nasty C is clearly on a mission to dominate the international rap game and he continues to prove that he deserved to land his record deal with American label Def Jam Recordings. Since signing to DefJam Nasty C has made chess moves that have even OG rapper wondering how. One thing is certain, Nasty C continues to certify himself as a rap legend.

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