Nasty C’s DJ Audiomac Explains Why He Believes SA Hip Hop Is Currently A Flop

Nasty C’s DJ Audiomac Explains Why He Believes SA Hip Hop Is Currently A Flop. The debate around the state of hip hop is currently hot and it seems that many people have an opinion on the hot topic. Nasty C’s DJ Audiomarc is now the latest person to add his voice to the debate. The DJ took to Twitter and shared the exact moment when Hip Hop in South Ah flopped and he says it all happened when everyone in the games ego’s grew too big.

At the moment, whilst hip hop music is still alive in South Africa it’s is not topping the charts, which has many people from fans and those in the industry, saying that the genre is dead. With more hip hop artists riding the amapiano wave, the topic of the state of hip hop is coming up more and more.

Audiomarc took to Twitter and shared his views on the state of SA hip hop and of course, he got tweeps heated as they shared what they thought about what he had to say. “SA Hiphop flopped when everyone claimed to be the best, confidently refused to respect & acknowledge the ones putting in the work and raising the bar higher. It’s just pollution of jealousy, plagiarism & hatred amongst the community. There’s absolutely no unity,” tweeted the DJ.

Audiomarc made it clear that his tweet was not directed to any rapper and that people who read to understand would get what he is trying to say with his tweet and said the focus should be about taking SA Hip Hop to the next level.“You will understand this tweet if you read to understand without thinking that I’m attacking your favourite rappers. All this back & forth is exhausting, focus on taking SA Hiphop to the next level instead of being fine with going nowhere,” he tweeted.

The rapper also said that fans need to stop inserting people’s names in matters that have nothing to do with them as this hinders SA hip hop from moving forward and called on fans to stop being toxic and rather read to understand. “How will SA Hiphop move forward with fans like you that just insert people’s names in tweets that have nothing to do with them. Stop being toxic and read to understand,” he tweeted.

Audiomarc is very certain about his thoughts and will not be swayed by any negativity, as he just wants Mzansi hip hop to get to a level where artists are making money and getting enough streams and bookings. “Artists not making money due to piracy is fine? artists not getting a lot of streams is fine? artists barely getting bookings is fine to you? Hiphop is bigger than just a song you like that makes you convince yourself that everything is fine.”

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